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Storage Solutions

Simple Storage

Designed for adjustability and safety to meet the needs for today’s ever changing fashion industry. The slick rail system has been proven storage solution over many years for “back of house” stockrooms through to multi-tier distribution centres.


All the bracing for the frames and the top connector beams are bolted to give the structure rigidity. With the addition of slotted beams adjustable at 100mm increments to give the product the flexibility needed for seasonal changes and the different lengths of garments.


The system can be built in a conventional format with a 3 metre high frame with 3 beam levels or can be configured into a multi-tier system, to a height of 9 metres utilising spliced frames, and installing timber/steel walkways through the aisles for maximum height utilisation.

The rack system can also be converted to a light duty shelving system for flat packed items via the addition of either timber / steel decks dropped onto the slotted beams.

Shelf storage allows easy access to store boxes or simpler form items. Our shelf storage is very popular among e-commerce and fulfilment as it allows easy access from a strong, fixed or unfixed shelf solution. 

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