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Bagging Machines

Hanging Garments

Ideal solutions for the effective and gentle bagging of your garments. We offer automatic single and multiple bagging systems for hanging garments in different capacity levels.


The product range is supplemented with special machines and additional components like bundling- or labeling systems.

Space efficient machinery to fit your workspace. Here is an example of the technical data for a bagging machine and what you could expect:

Singles bagging machines and Multi (ratioset) bagging machines

  • fully-automatic, dual-axis machine with top- and bottom sealer for single bagging


  • Top sealing straight, inclined switchable


  • Driven reeling-off device


  • Working platform for maintenance and film change


  • Capacity: 800-1,300 bags / hour


  • Film width: max. 800 mm


  • Covering length: 1,700 mm


  • Gripper depth: 80, 100, 130, 180 mm


  • Connected load: 5 kW 400 V/50 Hz


  • Air requirement: 300 l/min; 0.6 MPa (6 bar, 87 psi)


  • Space requirement: L=4.00 m, W=2.11 m, H=2.98 m


  • Weight: 1,000 kg

Folding Machine
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