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Steel Storage Buildings

Sustainable, light, strong and affordable

Autopak supplies storage buildings of various sizes with an outstanding price-quality ratio. The complete assembly package includes a roll-up door, a man door, skylights, concrete anchors and all the necessary installation materials. Easy assembly that does not require the use of a crane. The Autopak steel storage buildings can be used for all kinds commercial purposes: as warehouse, for the storage of machines, parking vehicles and as an additional work space. Because Autopak supplies standard models which do not require an expensive concrete foundation, you create much space for a low price.  And thanks to the many available options you can completely compose your storage building to meet your needs.

The construction of our steel storage buildings is made of light-weight steel tubes or cold-rolled steel c profiles. Still, every storage building can hold up to 130 kg of snow per m² and withstand a wind force of at least 8. The total weight of the storage building is much less than most traditional steel storage buildings. That is why a much lighter foundation will be suffice and a crane is not required for assembly. An added advantage of having a steel construction is that it is much more sustainable than a traditional construction; steel has a long economic lifespan and is 100% recyclable. When compared to aluminum, steel is a much more affordable resource. This means we can offer highly competitive prices.

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