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The Natural Cleaner

An eco-friendly technology that effectively sanitises clothing could help protect the environment by dramatically slashing waste, researchers believe. The fashion industry is set to be revolutionised by this innovative sanitisation technology.

Offering retailers and brands an alternative, environmentally friendly solution for sanitising used clothing and accessories. The system has been shown to effectively kill a vast range of germs, fungi and bacteria – including S. aureus and E. coli – as well as viruses such as coronavirus on clothing and fashion accessories. It is now being successfully trialled on PPE, making it safe to reuse, which could significantly reduce environmental waste from PPE products also.

The eco-friendly solution uses ozone gas to decontaminate fabrics, which subsequently helps to reduce the use of water and avoid negative environmental impacts from detergent use.

Forty percent of clothing purchased online is returned, with less than half of it being resold and the remainder ending up at landfill sites or being burned. Through extending the lifetime of a garment by three months, its carbon footprint is reduced by 10% and a pre-owned purchase, or a rented garment, saves 1kg in waste, 3,040 litres of water, and 22kg CO2. ACS clean around 45,000 garments each week.

See below how Autopak solutions can bring O-Zone to you.  

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